Cessation of Hostilities: Peace Treaty Signed!

With the ink drying on my peace treaty with the CSS Empire and the dead finally getting the respectful burials they deserve, it’s time to turn my eyes to the challenges ahead: Making rad games.

To that end, until such time as actual general interest activity picks up, the bulk of posts here will be in the developer blog sections for each game. If you’re feeling saucy, give the Lyceum pre-mortem a read and leave your thoughts! Is it really too long? I can’t decide. It feels too long, but it seems odd to break it out into a “game guide”-style overview when it’s still in flux, and when I’m a one-man band.

Perhaps I’ll change my mind on that and make something more digestible later. Until then, hopefully it isn’t the worst thing you’ve ever found on the Internet.

Later this month I’ll be doing a short writeup on my next title-to-be. I’m not sure which of the currently incubating ideas it will be, but right now I’m leaning towards an episodic multiplayer roguelike that draws inspiration from the old SNES title Robotrek. I’m pretty excited about that one.

Also later this month, I hope to have a web-playable version of Ghosts’ puzzle-solving available for you to fiddle with.

Anyways, welcome!

* Update: Jan 21, 2014: Noticed the language was still using that “We/Our” junk. Cleaned that up, fiddled with a couple other bits of grammar. 🙂

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