Lyceum [Codename:Ghosts] Dev Blog #5

It’s been a bit!

What’s the status of my FF/SSS attempts? In the past ~2 months I have made it to 0 Feedback Fridays, 0 Screenshot Saturdays.

What happened?

  1. Lyceum’s been getting many fewer hours while I work on Other Stuff (patent no. BIGNUM)
  2. The work that’s been done has involved very little code. I’ve been doing design experimentation with a different visual/spatial style that I think could be considerably more interesting, and gets back to the roots of this project. I’m quite excited about that, but have chosen to prioritize this project below others.

The alternative style utilizes “arcane circles” as a means of representing what you intend to cast.

Said simply, I would like to implement a system so that what you see when in a GIS of that term actually describes a sort of spell logic.

There are a lot of interesting problems here, and it’s been a fun experiment so far. The chief problem, I think, is simply in finding an interpretation of various geometric/artistic things that is useful logically. What does a circle mean? What if it’s a circle of runic text? Do the characters mean anything? What if the circle is partially text and partially lines?

I believe I’ve developed a consistent logic which I can use to implement a prototype of everything Lyceum required previously, but it won’t be particularly quick to do so. When I get back to that and have a chance, I’ll post a description with some examples.

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