SRG Update #27

new tutorial list UI

Since last update, I’ve almost completed the last of the finishing touches on patch 1.0.2.

Much of this was squashing bugs that cropped up from the new galaxy and license gameplay, but I added a couple QoL changes that I think help the game feel less… well, annoying.

The first is that the game properly completes when you reach the end of the mine, rather than requiring players to intentionally “collapse” the mine. For fully clearing a planet the first time, you’ll be awarded a jumpgate token. You can then repeat the mine as many times as you like, to earn more credits.

The second QoL change is that tutorials – after the first one – no longer pop up immediately upon becoming available. Instead, there’s a new question mark button in the top left of the screen. You can tap that button at any point to review any tutorials that have been made available.

When a new tutorial is enabled, you’ll see a glow around that icon. Any tutorials that you haven’t seen yet will appear in that list with a glow around them as well.

I’m still fiddling with how to draw attention to the glow of that icon the first time, since it’s a bit subtle, but I don’t want to delay a patch for something that minor.

That’s all for now!