SRG Update #30

After BAWD released, I didn’t open the game or its project for several months. My hope was that creating some distance would enable me to return to it with fresh eyes. I also spent much of the interim hitting the books (E.g. The Art of Game Design, Artificial Intelligence for Games

Distance and new insights definitely yielded fresh-eyes-y insights.

Upon returning, I immediately realized that the plans I had laid out for the first post-launch content patch are not the right next step. The general idea of them is decently close (so kudos to Past Me for not being 100% wrong) but the emphasized points are off.

Basically, I feel that as of 1.0.2, BAWD is “at best, the sum of its parts”. I’m not surprised – I knew it was missing something, or many somethings, before I shipped. Shipping was just the last “feature” I worked on, not the last feature the game needs.

So I’ve planned out most of a new patch, about half of which will be loud/visible changes, with the other half generally being under the hood or amortized work.

As those plans crystallize and get underway, I’ll share what interesting details I can, here.