Slated for Q1 2014 seriously no idea, Lyceum is an abstract puzzle RPG about low-level magic manipulation. You play as a wizardfolk youth, finally come of age and ready to unlock the magic in your mind. As wizardfolk have always done, you will enter the Lyceum, the equivalent of a magical school. And, as wizardfolk have always done, you will find in the Lyceum a unique maze nobody else has or will ever see, for the Lyceum is a direct representation of the magical ability inside you.

Unlocking gates within the Lyceum will unlock the same gate in your mind, increasing your command of magic. Only by exploring the Lyceum can you master magic and take your place as an adult among your people.

Key Features:
  • Experiment-friendly puzzle solving.
  • Character progression like you’ve never seen before! (Probably… There are a lot of games out there.)
  • Meaningful gameplay changes as you improve.
  • Playstyle modes: Kid-friendly, Casual-friendly, even RPG-Hater-Friendly. We’ve got you covered.
  • Mimic spirits that keep working while you’re gone. This maze won’t explore itself, you know!
  • Slick abstract art so you can focus on what matters: gettin’ rad and solvin’ puzzles.


[Coming Someday!]


  • Desktop:
    • PC [Coming Someday!]
    • Mac [Coming Someday!]
    • Linux [Coming Someday!]
  • Mobile:
    • iOS [Coming Someday!]
    • Android [Coming Someday!]
  • Web:
    • Unity Web Player demo [Coming Someday!]