SRG Update #12

New quest log in the works

New quest log in the works

Work on the new “quest” system is nearing completion.

BAWD’s quest/mission system will have a bit in common with the daily quests in Blizzard’s game HotS (Heroes of the Storm). Rather than clinging to the idea of a ‘quest’ in the, say, Arthurian legend sense, HotS quests are a fully abstracted “accomplish abstract goal, get abstract reward” mechanism.

I think this is the right way for “quests” to exist for games that are merely adopting RPG-esque elements, as opposed to games that are heavy on the “Role-” part.

Moreover, to me, it appears that HotS quests are intended to drive variety in player behavior. You don’t want to lock into just one character for every game, because hey, 300g for playing a Warcraft hero for 3 games!

There’s a significant balancing benefit to variety in a PVP game, so encouraging players to do things they don’t like quite as much is reasonable, and quite effective. In a single-player puzzle game, that’s not quite as obvious a mandate.

Nevertheless, it’s good to get players to keep giving different parts of your game a chance, especially if there are qualitative changes occurring for those parts, periodically. Maybe the changes make enough of a difference that mechanics they previously didn’t enjoy are now enjoyable.

So, back to the point, questing in BAWD is sort of aligned with that goal: It provides a periodic impetus to play different parts of the game, while also providing both direction and high-impact playtime each day.

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SRG Weekly May 29th

Soon the block bays will show loading progress, rather than being nondescript concentric squares

Soon the block bays will show loading progress, rather than being nondescript concentric squares


This week, more steady progress on Tinkering. On the right, you can see the initial placeholder tangram, along with the 6 ‘block loading bays’, where each of your blocks is built.

I think I’ll have to modify tile artwork slightly, soon. In the screenshot, the thinner bars above/below the central gap are actually two tiles high, but they look … smaller than that. Likely, this is because with the ‘tangram’ idea, you would expect the boundary to sit outside of the blocks you place as well. However, since I’m simply using the same tile rendering code as in mining, that boundary represents ‘actual’ tiles. Not quite sure how I want to fix this.

Additionally, it seems pretty obvious that you’ll need to do quite a bit of overlap to get these covered, unless you’re only using single-tile blocks. I don’t want to encourage that kind of degenerate solution, so I’ll have to think on that some.

Otherwise, I spent about half of this week working on the initial prototype for a different game. Progress was good, and it was refreshing to work on a game other than BIS again, especially since it’s not in the puzzle genre. Not quite ready to start talking about it, though. :)

Next Sprint

The coming sprint is again split about half-half between BIS and The Other Game.

For BIS, I hope to get those ‘block loading bays’ functional, to where they’re spawning blocks, and filling their ‘backlogs’. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that yet, but it basically means that once a block is spawned in a bay, if there’s additional storage space in that bay, it will continue building another block. When you pull the ‘main’ block out of that bay, it will be immediately back-filled by an extra block, if one has been completed.

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