The obvious big news since last time is that BAWD finally took its first step out the door.

A fair portion of the work that occurred in that final mile was around planet/mine generation. Filtering names, giving planets varying mine depths, etc.

Otherwise, as you mix expect, I did a lot of testing, fixing, and polishing.

I had hoped I’d finally nailed down the animation glitches that have plagued BAWD for months, but so far the only bug report was related to them. Bummer!

Since release, I’ve been working on a prototype for what I hope will become my next game, and planning the next BAWD patch.

What the what!?

It’s been a long journey, but I’m pleased to announce that Blocks All the Way Down is finally available on the App Store!

Also coming soon-ish to Android!

Download on the App Store
Coming Soon!