Work continues on BAWD 1.0.2, roughly on schedule. I may have to slightly stretch the definition of “mid-month”, though.

One part of that is my estimate of one piece of under-the-hood functionality being off.

Prior to BAWD’s rewrite, I had implemented much of the galaxy traveling code as direct point-to-point travel. Even though you would travel along a hyperlane route, it wasn’t animated as such. It did know the route distance, however, thanks to an implementation of Dijkstra’s algorithm.

For the rewrite, I decided I’d rather animate the player’s ship traveling along the path, to continue with the “more intuitive, more skeumorphic” approach the rewrite exists for.

The estimate was off because in my memory, I had implemented Dijkstra’s algorithm with the pathfinding part accessible but ignored. However, I did not do that. I implemented a slightly simpler form that didn’t memo-ize the return path (i.e., the “parent node”) part of the algorithm.

Moreover, the way I wrote it was “clever” in that bad way that programmers sometimes let themselves get away with, and was actually quite difficult to modify to return the path.

There’s a lesson to be learned there, but who doesn’t love re-implementing Dijkstra from scratch? (… most people?) Feels like being back in school, in a fun way.

That’s it for now!

Preview of spiral arm calculations

Since last time, I’ve focused on preparation work for BAWD’s campaign content patch.

With this patch, you’ll finally be able to leave the star system you start in and go explore the galaxy. This is a crucial first step on a campaign that will take you far and wide. Even without the campaign patch, this should add a little more life to the end-game, which currently arrives and stalls out fairly quickly.

Traveling between stars requires the acquisition of a new, relatively expensive module for your ship that allows you to utilize jumpgates connecting certain star systems.

Other stars have planets where mining is much more demanding, but commensurately more rewarding.

This patch is slated for mid March, if everything goes well.

See you then!