Straightforward low-production-values clone of Tetris. Really stretching myself here.



Play Brick-a-Brack
Or look at the code and stuff!
Instructions: UP to rotate to the right. LEFT/RIGHT move as you would expect. DOWN to speed up a bit.
Credits: Graphics, sound, and music from Check the .md files accompanying the media on github for full credits!
Dev time: 5 hours, spread over 2 days.

This was mostly a palate cleanser after those 40+ hours on Boomguy. I’ve written Tetris before, but wanted to try some variations on implementation. This one took me a tolerable 5 hours. I’m OK with that.

Input feels finicky – I think it’s still the javascriptery. Not sure if it’s just the lack of GPU on this mac mini, but I get severe low-framerate spikes and that makes the input jumpy too. Spikes like this sound like garbage collection or poor implementation, but nothing significant is happening when I see them – I don’t think there’s a GC call, but who’s to say.

Suppose I should level up my JS debugging toolset/skills and find out.

Anyways, had to laugh – while testing this, had a massive block stretch where I saw no line pieces. Had to go check to make sure I hadn’t off-by-1’d line pieces out of the game. Just a peril that goes with the territory I suppose. 😛

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